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#1 12-01-2002 @ 01:41:20 AM
Posted By: 8ate8 Reply | Edit | Del
that would be a hell of a lot better if they faded the words and pics instead of just popping them up.

#2 12-01-2002 @ 02:53:08 AM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
The sadest cry for world peace i have ever seen. (i wasted 4 minutes of my life!)

World peace is a pipe dream. It's never going to happen. Never. Futhermore - the author of that garbage is yet another pot-smoking lesbian poet hippie who things this will touch EVERYONE and make it all better for world. This was a waste of time - energy - and bandwidth.

"Can't we all just get along?" - that was the kicker. You couldn't ask for a more "gayer" line than that. That line alone summed up about 100 years of human strife by masking it.

People don't forget things. People will never forget things that happened to them. Asking for a "clean slate" is just more bullshit to add to the mounting pile of "world peace" hopefuls out there.

#3 12-01-2002 @ 10:38:00 AM
Posted By: Jon Reply | Edit | Del
What a load of horse crap.

#4 12-01-2002 @ 10:50:20 AM
Posted By: NerfHerder Reply | Edit | Del
ahh!, Bill Gates is evil, and so is Mother Tereasa, because they were mixed in with pictures of Saddam Hussiean(SP?) and Klan members.

#5 12-01-2002 @ 01:56:42 PM
Posted By: solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
#2, so true

#6 12-02-2002 @ 09:53:57 PM
Posted By: ScootsMagoo Reply | Edit | Del
What's with all the negative feedback? It's good to see a flash anim that's not just stupid funny shit.

#7 12-02-2002 @ 11:17:28 PM
Posted By: Jesuz Reply | Edit | Del
# 1 2 3 4 5, there u go ,here is our world peace , hate it hate it hate it...lol

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