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Funny Funny article written by a whacko about the whackos from PETA attacking KFC. P.s. Eat KFC as often as possible to piss off PETA! It's your American duty! mr_mcmunkee

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#1 1-09-2003 @ 04:55:28 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
Yum Brands? he's full of shit.

Tri-con global foods owns all of them - which is owned by pepsico - why do you think they sel only pepsi products at their resturant locations? dumbass.

however - i don't totally disagree with him.

i belive peta is a waste of energy and time - thinking that animals have rights makes me question my place on the food chain - thinking that a slug has more rights than me. For instance - on the african savana - is a lion going to question the morality and long-term consiquences of killing a nearby innocent gazell? No. She will brutily slaugher and make massive slashes at the gazell's body while its still alive allowing it to slowly die - then she will feed it to pride.

Funny how they can kill for food - but when we can't even have extra-crispy chicken.

[Edited by Obsidian on 1-09-2003 @ 04:55:44 PM]

#2 1-09-2003 @ 05:02:43 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder Reply | Edit | Del
Someone should make a flash animation of the road runner and the cyote and then a PETA member comes out and gives hell to the cyote.

#3 1-09-2003 @ 05:25:43 PM
Posted By: Jon Reply | Edit | Del
Too many words

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