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Funny Grand Central Signs went bust Trooper

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#1 2-08-2003 @ 02:50:01 AM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
"Scumbags"? Do I sense some hostility here? It does suck though that so many people expect to services for free.

#2 2-08-2003 @ 03:44:31 AM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#1, that's what the internet once was - a infineitly vast and giant mecca of computers that would allow the spread of information and media (gimmie some of that!) from everyone to everyone freely - without boundries nor censorship or restrictions.

Nowadays - your lucky find a page that isn't copywrited or some video with a massive tag plastered all over it just to remind you that you only have a copy of the orginal and that the orginal belongs to the guy who put the tag on that video. Sooner or later - EVERY site will require you to pay to use it - from the high and mighty www.gm.com to a simple geocites site about why pokemon rocks 5 years after the fad died.

even my sources are seeming to dry up.

[Edited by Obsidian on 2-08-2003 @ 03:45:23 AM]

#3 2-08-2003 @ 04:05:20 AM
Posted By: Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Ricecop will always be free :)

#4 2-08-2003 @ 09:25:33 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Most of the early "Free" internet was powered by huge ammounts of blind investment by people. You didn't see foks actually starting to charge for access and services untill after the .com bubble burst in like 99' and scores of those places went under overnight.

The internet is a buisness, I don't see why folks are shocked to find that buisness charge you money for thier services

#5 2-08-2003 @ 02:26:12 PM
Posted By: motopsycho Reply | Edit | Del
#4, i remember back in 95 when you could get aol for free.
granted there wasnt much out there in cyberspace, but still.

#6 2-08-2003 @ 02:38:34 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#4, i wouldn't say the internet is buisness - but that doesn't rule out the stock trading and "e-commerce" (gawd i hate that word) - not by a long shot.

I would think the internet is more like a giant entertainment tool with connections to places that make money.

#7 2-08-2003 @ 05:49:21 PM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
Well, first it seemed like it was just a repository of information, a "cool" way to put it where other people could get at it. And then it commercialized, and we started to see dozens of startup companies, all with these grand stock IPOs, planning to capitalize on what they viewed as an up-tapped commercial resource. Advertising rolled in and pay-per-click stuff went bonkers as companies tried to drum up business.

And then, they realized that it all had a flaw--their businesses were based on a business model that just didn't work. Too long, they'd deferred profitability, hoping to break even in another couple years. Venture capital finally dried up, and the bubble popped, leaving only small, privately-run sites, subscription-only sites, and a lot of sites propped up by conventional brick-and-mortar type establishments. Sad, but unsurprising.

#8 2-08-2003 @ 08:31:41 PM
Posted By: motopsycho Reply | Edit | Del
i think more negatives than positives have come from the internet.

#9 2-09-2003 @ 11:58:02 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#8, Aside from the internet stalkers, I don't see how that's possible

#10 2-09-2003 @ 06:38:20 PM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
#9, Two words: Bubb Rubb.

#11 2-09-2003 @ 06:41:59 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#10, that explains everything.

(do you think he knows he's being made a mockery of?)

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