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Funny Eod's Days of Tech Support Trooper

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#1 2-12-2003 @ 12:27:35 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del

Customer: "Ya'll listen here, I work with computers all the time and I know something is wrong with your service."
Me:"Ummm, ok, What OS are you using?"
Customer: "Don't try and get all fast talking mumbo jumbo on me"
Me: "Just need to know what OS your using."
Customer: "Hmmmmmm" *long pause* "Ohh its blueberry"
Me: "Ahh 8.6 I take it you have an iMAC"

(trying to get one ahead of it without moving at all - the mac user.)

this guy rules! Shooting down n00bs must be pastime for him.

[Edited by Obsidian on 2-12-2003 @ 12:29:23 PM]

#2 2-12-2003 @ 06:21:24 PM
Posted By: Lebo Reply | Edit | Del
lol reading pages and pages of funneh support logs never gets old :D

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