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Auto News GMs new engine design - with two cams in the block kstagger

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#1 2-12-2003 @ 12:00:35 PM
Posted By: Jon Reply | Edit | Del
that should be interesting

#2 2-12-2003 @ 12:06:36 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
Damn...that DOES look pretty damn cool...A V8 with the width of a V6 and the length of an I4?! Looks like we got a successor to the SBC for all the modern day hotrodders...

...damn, you could probably fit that engine in a Cavalier...or even *gasp* a HONDA! (Hey, a Honda Civic with an American V8 crammed in it is OK in my book...)

#3 2-12-2003 @ 12:59:00 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#2, i like the idea of a Cavy with that much grunt.

i'm 75% sure the current cavaliers can hold v6's

#4 2-12-2003 @ 01:08:09 PM
Posted By: kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
this is just a concept engine... I hope it makes it to production

#5 2-12-2003 @ 02:29:10 PM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
I wanna stuff one of those in a Miata. Can you imagine the power to weight ratio mixed with perfect balance? That would be downright savage. They have stuffed SBCs in those before. But this would help keep the weight ratio more even so it could still handle.

#6 2-12-2003 @ 03:02:38 PM
Posted By: kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
oh yeah - American engines are so 'low tech'. The technology in this is very advanced, more so than a Honda VTEC engine.

#7 2-12-2003 @ 08:24:33 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
#3, '82-'94 Cavaliers were OFFERED with a V6...(3.1L, if I remember correctly...) I don't know why they didn't carry that option over when the redesigned the little buggers..

#8 2-18-2003 @ 04:49:29 PM
Posted By: Thisisnotascreenname Reply | Edit | Del
This looks like a good concept, its nice to see US car makers' engines matching or exceeding the efficency of Japenese/German engines. But with all this new technology I wonder if reliability will be an issue. Also I want to know if the direct injection feature will run ok on US gasoline in the long term. Nissan developed direct injection systems for there engines back in the early 90s, but there main drawback was that they could not be used with gasoline from North America (too much sulfur content).

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