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General an article on why the latest Simpsons episodes are so bad kstagger

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#1 2-16-2003 @ 11:27:12 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
It's a great show with a long and funny history, but like all shows, it has a shelf life, and it's simply run out. Even M*A*S*H had to pack it in eventualy.

#2 2-16-2003 @ 06:07:28 PM
Posted By: ScootsMagoo Reply | Edit | Del
I think the simpsons keeps getting better and better.

#3 2-16-2003 @ 06:58:59 PM
Posted By: kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
3rd through 5th season was the best in my book

#4 2-16-2003 @ 08:00:15 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
You know a show is running out of steam when they start dedicating every episode to the guest stars. Simpsons has been doing that ever since "Homerpalooza".

#5 2-16-2003 @ 08:08:29 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
stuff like this crops up on the internet every so often.

Fox will try to snuff it by throwing more money at the writers - irrgaurdless of how shity a script they write.

#6 2-16-2003 @ 08:46:58 PM
Posted By: SacrifRICE Reply | Edit | Del
does it annoy anyone else that Homer sobs and cries in almost every new episode???

#7 2-16-2003 @ 10:27:47 PM
Posted By: fordtacomaz Reply | Edit | Del
the 300th episode tonight was crazy with all the different people in it. Tony Hawk, Blink 182. same with the one before. Tom Petty and all. sheesh. but they were good

#8 2-17-2003 @ 03:40:57 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#7, i booed at blink - they suck.

I was soooo close to throwing somthing at the TV.

[Edited by Obsidian on 2-17-2003 @ 03:41:29 PM]

#9 2-17-2003 @ 05:22:15 PM
Posted By: Serith Reply | Edit | Del
I Have been a simpsons fan forever, and yea, i agree, the simpsons are kinda going downhill. They just can't come up with any good ideas. And does anyone agree with me when i say, "what the hell happen to last nights 301st episode"? the one with the spelling bee. its like it was going...and then just ended. a horrible ending i thought.

#10 2-17-2003 @ 05:29:37 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#9, i agree.

lets not forget song-cues! i HATE song-cues of any kind!

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