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Cool Vespas making a comeback in the U.S. kstagger

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#1 2-23-2003 @ 04:13:28 PM
Posted By: ScootsMagoo Reply | Edit | Del
I'm going to be buying a Piaggio (the company that owns Vespa) BV200 come Springtime.

#2 2-23-2003 @ 07:03:10 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
Man...i actually want a Vespa...with the gas prices as they are, and my LOVE of open-air driving, I think it would be fun and economically easy on the wallet.

#3 2-23-2003 @ 11:05:03 PM
Posted By: ScootsMagoo Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Look at the BV200, it gets the same gas milage, costs only a couple hundred more, but has twice the engine, twice the utility, and a 90 mph top speed. With the Vespa, you're paying for the looks and the Vespa name.

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