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Regular News Police field complaint about busty snow woman Trooper

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#1 2-25-2003 @ 05:21:38 PM
Posted By: motopsycho Reply | Edit | Del
i can think of much worse things to create if given the time and the snow.

#2 2-25-2003 @ 06:04:53 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#1, and yet 20-year olds make snow cock's - yep - that snow woman was indeed a "innaproperate snow figure"

#3 2-25-2003 @ 07:21:50 PM
Posted By: SacrifRICE Reply | Edit | Del
a few blocks away from my house some dudes made a "GIANT SNOW PENIS" in the middle of the street, carving out a 20-foot long outline in the middle of the street and forming the words around it. i never saw any police cars. i don't see how breasts could possibly create any more controversy.

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