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Funny Quite a description for this video card Trooper

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#1 2-26-2003 @ 12:41:24 AM
Posted By: Lebo Reply | Edit | Del
it be easin' my eyestrain pain...

#2 2-26-2003 @ 07:23:06 AM
Posted By: Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
Day-um! When I be playin UT, I gonna be droppin' da fill rate on dey asses.

I find it rather amusing that they basically wrote the ad in Ebonics.

#3 2-26-2003 @ 05:06:33 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
"TAPP’n in to TWO Monitors & DVD
ATI’s HYDRAVISION™ supports ol’school CRT monitors and flat panels, while VIDEO IMMERSION™ II enables integration of UNBELIEVABLE digital video stuff, including advanced de-interlacing for FREAK’N AWESOME video quality. YOU JUST connect to a digital flat panel and dig crisper images and ease yo’ eyestrain pain!"

after reading that - ill keep my Hercules 3D prophet card.

#4 2-26-2003 @ 05:09:37 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del

[superscarcasm] perfect for gaming! now all i need is the wigger atitude just like on the box art! [/superscarcasm]

[Edited by Obsidian on 2-26-2003 @ 05:10:24 PM]

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