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Auto News Supposedly makes your car invisible to police radar Anonymous

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#1 2-27-2003 @ 03:00:21 AM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
Damn, can't be used in CA. O well. The only time I got caught for speeding is when I was going 25 over the posted speed limit. (wouldn't be covered under the ticket insurance on this fine peace of equipment. It only covers 15 over.)

[Edited by Biohazard on 2-27-2003 @ 03:00:58 AM]

#2 2-27-2003 @ 03:47:09 AM
Posted By: motopsycho Reply | Edit | Del
not a company i would trust.


#3 2-27-2003 @ 07:44:13 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Okay, if the radar can't see you, but your'e doing 110, you're STILL going to get it

#4 2-27-2003 @ 04:33:49 PM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#3, Actually, thats not totaly true. I flew by a cop once at 120mph. He didn't get a radar reading on me, so he couldn't give me a ticket for that. Instead he hit me for the only thing he could. He gave me a fix-it ticket for my busted tail light cover, which has since been fixed.

#5 2-28-2003 @ 11:27:39 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee Reply | Edit | Del
You should've gotten tickets for:

*Failing to obey traffic/safety devices (being Speed Limit signs)
*Wreckless driving
*Driving too fast for conditions

-None of these would've required a radar reading, you just got very lucky. You're pretty much a dumbass for driving 120 on a public roadway.

#6 2-28-2003 @ 11:38:23 AM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#5, ::shrugs:: meh.

#7 3-04-2003 @ 01:26:23 AM
Posted By: Serith Reply | Edit | Del
If this products works like it says it does, it would be pretty cool, although i could of used it already.

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