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Informative How to throw cards 426plymouth

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#1 3-30-2003 @ 01:34:26 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
Good. Now all i need is to rub on a cajin accent - learn to fly - make the card explosive in some manner - and then i can sign up for the x-men.

#2 4-02-2003 @ 12:09:03 PM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee Reply | Edit | Del
"We used to have big battles at my house. We got a bunch of people at each end of my living room. Each end has its own basket of cards, but before too long, the cards are all over the floor. We throw back and forth at each other, ususally aiming for the face. When the shirts come off it gets really rough. It stings a lot more, also cuts and welts become much more common place. Sometimes we pick up the cards afterwards, but they usually just litter the floor for a few days before my mom forces me to pick 'em up. There is constant evidence of the battles all over the walls. Cards stick in to all the little cracks and crevaces, so we leave them up as decorations"

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