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Funny Lame baseball player gets what he deserves! motopsycho

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#1 4-20-2003 @ 12:10:33 PM
Posted By: Serith Reply | Edit | Del
Ok, i agree that it's stupid that fans throw stuff at baseball people. But still, pressing charges? Does he need more money?

#2 4-20-2003 @ 08:55:15 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
He's pressing criminal charges, not civil, and I agree with him, no one desreves to get bricked-in-the-head like that

#3 4-21-2003 @ 09:19:20 AM
Posted By: mr_mcmunkee Reply | Edit | Del
Baseball fans are getting to be pretty ridiculous with attacking people on the field. That guy who ran out after an umpire last week in Chicago got his face beat in by the entire team, and he deserved it. I'm ok with his suing...it needs to stop somehow.

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