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Stupid Oh dear God. Rice meets Grrl Power. Mad Max

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#1 4-30-2002 @ 11:34:07 PM
Posted By: camaroRS Reply | Edit | Del
hehe..one of those girls' fastest times was 16.0

#2 5-01-2002 @ 10:26:43 AM
Posted By: AmericanV8 Reply | Edit | Del
You don't see many women driving Hemi Chargers...

#3 5-01-2002 @ 10:58:26 AM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
As it should be. The more women drive a certain type of car, the more effeminate that type of car becomes. Look what women did to the SUV! (Now, I realize that when a SMALL number of women drive a certain type of car, they're cool, since they aren't lemmings in following what most women are doing.)

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