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Informative For sheer variety of injuries, not many sports can match rodeo Trooper

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#1 4-28-2003 @ 05:00:22 PM
Posted By: motopsycho Reply | Edit | Del
"This is a violent sport," six-time world champion Dan Mortensen said. "I've been standing in arenas where guys have been killed. It's a risk that we obviously take."

this is a stupid "sport" if you're risking death (skydiving excluded).
it's bad enough most of these stereotype "slack jawed yokel" idiots are from my state.

#2 4-28-2003 @ 06:04:59 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
[homer] I RULE THIS PSEUEDO-SPORT!!! [/homer]

#3 4-28-2003 @ 10:30:38 PM
Posted By: GBodyFreak Reply | Edit | Del
Have you ever rode one? I went out to a bar a couple of weeks ago and tried out a mechanical bull. I know it's nowhere near what the real thing is, but it really takes skill to do it, kind of like getting the right spin on a good throw with a football. The only reason I didn't stay on the thing longer was cause I was worried about my "Boys"

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