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Funny The Ricer Christian Car Club - the HolyRollerz! kstagger

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#1 5-16-2003 @ 10:09:41 AM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
Well...these people have just joined the Southern Baptists, televangelists, and Jerry Fallwell at the top of my "Other so-called 'Christians' that make Christianity looky bad."

#2 5-16-2003 @ 11:51:40 AM
Posted By: anusbarber Reply | Edit | Del
#1, you mean to tell me you don't think jerry falwell isn't a christian?? haha

#3 5-16-2003 @ 01:18:00 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#2, That's a double-negative, so I don't know if you're agreeing or disagreeing, but his creed aside, he's an asshat for sure

Haven't these guys ever read the 10 commandments about cars?

Thou shalt not kill thy car's ride height by cutting springs
Thou shalt not covet they neighbors displacement, nor his torque nor his 1/4 mi ET's
Thou shalt not make graven images out of APC stickers
Thou shalt not use "I missed a shift" as an excuse for lack of torque

I could go on, but I get the feeling after 4, they've probably already broken the rest

#4 5-16-2003 @ 04:15:48 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
now all we gotta do is find muslim street racers - then we can have a street racer crusade.

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