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Auto News First Look: 2003 Honda Accord Trooper

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#1 8-10-2002 @ 03:50:40 PM
Posted By: AmericanV8 Reply | Edit | Del
quote: "Most obvious is its more muscular and agile-looking exterior styling"
look worse that it did before in my opinion...the roof line is more curved than before...
My Hemi Charger and my newest toy, my fathers 4-4-2, are gonna be so embarrased when this beast pulls up to us...what am I to do with my wimpy 1,050 horses? (450hp Hemi, 600hp 4-4-2 <--monster)...Muscle cars beware (That new "muscular" civic si is out to....) I am so scared.... ;)

#2 8-10-2002 @ 06:05:43 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder Reply | Edit | Del
I hate the new styling that Honda has, infact I hated there old stylings.

#3 8-10-2002 @ 08:50:17 PM
Posted By: Jon Reply | Edit | Del

#4 8-11-2002 @ 05:50:21 AM
Posted By: Lebo Reply | Edit | Del
why would you drop a hemi into a charger r/t when it has a perfectly good 440 to rebuild for a lot less?

#5 8-12-2002 @ 05:16:09 PM
Posted By: AmericanV8 Reply | Edit | Del
Lebo: My grandfather was heavily into drag-racing. He has twenty or so engines, most kids got toys from there grandparents, when I turned 19 he gave me a 426 Hemi, one of the few he hadn't changed to drag setup. First I replaced the block, next needed a body. I like the charger body a whole lot better so I just put ads in the Car magazines for a body, and found one....didnt replace and engine...

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