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Weird Pictures of wacky German anime fans Trooper

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#1 9-26-2002 @ 02:57:13 PM
Posted By: 300M Reply | Edit | Del
I just saw the cat thing with pink hair...I am scared for life.

#2 9-27-2002 @ 12:49:19 AM
Posted By: ScootsMagoo Reply | Edit | Del
Ahhh, Cosplay. Easily one of the most dumb, but oddly funny things in the world. You should search kazaa for a video called Kodomo No Omocha. It's a bunch of Cosplaying Japanese kids dancing to a horrible song in front of Microsoft office buildings.

#3 9-27-2002 @ 05:13:27 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
....and i'll say to all of them (in german)......

....."grow the fuck up!"......

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