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Links for Saturday April 17, 2004
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Funny Peer to peer network abuse. Really funny read. Biohazard 3

Links for Friday April 16, 2004
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Scary What would Uncle Jesse do? solid_snake 0
Interesting George W. Bush impeached and thrown out of office in alternate universe DiRF 2

Links for Wednesday April 14, 2004
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Cool Anatomy of a burnout kstagger 0
Amusing Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics kstagger 0
Weird Fun with Windows sounds Biohazard 2

Links for Tuesday April 13, 2004
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Interesting Latest live journal images Trooper 1

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