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Links for Friday October 31, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Game Star Wars: Clone Wars game Trooper 0
General Extreme pumpkins Trooper 1
Useful You NEED to get a Vampire Killing Kit! mr_mcmunkee 0
Informative 12 ways to get out of recorded-message hell and get a live customer service rep Trooper 0
Cool Serious pumpkin carving skills Trooper 0
Funny This is insane. I can't stop laughing at this crap. Biohazard 3

Links for Thursday October 30, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Video riceboy spun out Anonymous 6
Funny White Gangstaz! SmooveB 0

Links for Wednesday October 29, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Video LS1 powered Fairmont Wagon 1/8th mile run kstagger 0
Weird IT'S A TRAP!! Trooper 4
Cool Paper plate sculptures Trooper 0
Game Baff-o-Tron Trooper 0
Game Marshie's Malloween game Trooper 0
Funny The end of the world! Funny as hell. Biohazard 0
Sad Canada's latest accoplishment. :-P Biohazard 1

Links for Tuesday October 28, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Informative The End of Detroit Anonymous 0
Weird How evil is that website? Finally a tool to find out! kstagger 9
Nice! Die Cast Muscle Cars Biohazard 1
Funny Britney Look-alike mantra_sone 5

Links for Monday October 27, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Funny Flash parodies of all your favorite classic video games Trooper 0
Cool Cartoon Networks Ultimate Gifts Trooper 0
Funny Hilarious video clips from "Chappelle's Show". Watch them NOW! SmooveB 0
Scary Don't like the red traffic light? change it! kstagger 2

Links for Sunday October 26, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Video Very cool one punch knockout (WMV) Anonymous 1
Scary Manson Family Picnic Lebo 0
Cool Tired of your current WindowsXP theme? Download new, cool looking ones here! SmooveB 1

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