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Links for Saturday May 24, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Funny Customers suck Tatsuo 0
Funny Despair Inc. Tatsuo 0
General Do you know Michael's nose? Trooper 4
Interesting Computer-generated webpage design Trooper 0
Funny Planet of the Pugs Trooper 1

Links for Friday May 23, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Informative The background story of "The Star Wars Kid" videos. Obsidian 1
Weird Guerilla parenting with the aid of grafitti. Obsidian 0
Informative The ultimate strategy guide for paper rock scissors. (Yes - there actually is a .com site for this) Obsidian 2
Funny Create A fart fordtacomaz 3
Scary Rent an import model! mr_mcmunkee 2
Funny Child welfare worker drag races with toddler Anonymous 2
Stupid "Meow TV" to premiere this month Trooper 1
Interesting Shocking New Jacket Hits Street Trooper 0
Interesting Transparent TVs from invisible circuits Trooper 0
Nice! Man survives 2 train wrecks, a plane crash, and several car accidents Trooper 4
Funny A collection of helpful advice, consumer rants and links & funny photos Anonymous 0

Links for Thursday May 22, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Funny Acts of Gord Tatsuo 0
Cool Bart Simpson Chalkboard writing Generating NerfHerder 0
Auto News Toyota plans to go all Hybrid by 2012 kstagger 6
Stupid The electric turbocharger... how gullible can you get? kstagger 2
Funny At The Gay Bar Anonymous 3

Links for Wednesday May 21, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Funny Bubb Rubb's interview Jeep01 4x4 4
Funny Ebay - Goat having sex with a Hippo Animal Cracker Xander1281 2
General Very hard puzzles Trooper 4
Cool Japan at night Trooper 2
Game Grain Pit game Trooper 1
Video Jennifer Lopez (J Ho) video - "taco flavored kisses" (1.5MB MOV) motopsycho 1

Links for Tuesday May 20, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Video Proof of FRONT WHEEL DRIVE wheelies!! AutobahnRacer 6
Interesting Napster set to return mantra_sone 2
Stupid Assaults Boy Over Spilled Ice Cream mantra_sone 7

Links for Monday May 19, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Auto News civic si veloz motopsycho 3
Interesting Disney to rent 'self-destructing' DVDs mantra_sone 8
Sad Report: U.K. Doctors Took 20,000 Brains mantra_sone 1
Funny Black Jezuit Order Of Lizards Jon 1
Funny Drunk Man Hurt After Running Into Elephant Trooper 3
Cool Build your own Mercedes Vision SLR Trooper 7

Links for Sunday May 18, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Weird World's Larget Condom NerfHerder 3

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