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Links for Saturday November 22, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Funny This thread cracked me up. SmooveB 0
Game Seamonster Trooper 0
General Project Y2k-bug Trooper 1

Links for Friday November 21, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
General Design your own police car Trooper 4
Stupid 2004 Car of the Year named. The winner is...oh geesh... mr_mcmunkee 3
Funny Name that porno! Biohazard 1

Links for Thursday November 20, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Game Xevious Trooper 0
Regular News Clay Aiken Targeted In Ridiculous Ad Campaign NerfHerder 2
Funny Triumph - "I Keed" Biohazard 0
Weird Turtle TV Network, Are You A Turtle? Anonymous 0
Stupid Jones Soda announces new Turkey & Gravy flavored beverage Trooper 1
Scary Can Non-Stick Make You Sick? Trooper 3
Informative Online guide to what major media companies own Trooper 1
General Lamarossa Ferrari Trooper 1

Links for Wednesday November 19, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Game Mogura 2 Trooper 1
Cool Family Guy may return with up to 35 new episodes Trooper 4

Links for Tuesday November 18, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Sad I think we have a new candidate for LAMEST aftermarket part. It's right up there with the LED muffler tips and GT-R badges. SmooveB 0
General Microsoft Matrix Spoof Trooper 2

Links for Monday November 17, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Game 3 Foot Ninja Trooper 0
Game Paris Hilton Flash Game Trooper 0
Game Racing Game Trooper 1
Funny Buggin' you (anyone remember Minnie Ripperton?) Gearcat 1
Video Some people use ramps to load bikes. Other people - (1.09MB .MPG) Obsidian 2
Informative What is your degree worth? Trooper 2
Game Bushido Fighters Trooper 0
Cool Flawed Dog-o-matic 3000 Trooper 0
General The 10 Second K-Car Trooper 0

Links for Sunday November 16, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Game Outsmart Ludacris (shouldn't be too hard) Anonymous 1

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