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Links for Saturday February 15, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Cool Pencil Carving Xander1281 5
Funny There are four lights! Trooper 6
General Draw a shape and watch it come to life Trooper 1
General News from the black Jesus motopsycho 0
Weird What the horses do when Farmer Brown isn't around. Obsidian 1
Informative Cool Person Test Trooper 3
Game Donkey Kong Jr. Trooper 1
Interesting Really makes ya think Jon 4

Links for Friday February 14, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Video The MS word Paper Clip. (507kb .MPEG - mild language) Obsidian 1
Auto News Ford Exec Says Toyota Is Better Car fordtacomaz 3
Game The newest version of "Customize Your Ride" (that Create a Ride clone). Skid 5
Weird Guide on having sex with dolphins (with graphic descriptions) Special K 3
General a bunch of photos i shot of rice, nonrice, and just plain odd fordtacomaz 7
Nice! Fast Mini at Nurburgring Anonymous 1
Regular News Smith & Wesson introduces handgun with enough stopping power to bring down a charging bear Trooper 10
Interesting Muscle cars vs rice burners Trooper 7
General The X Men 2 RX8 motopsycho 1

Links for Thursday February 13, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Video Fast Go Kart (34MB MPG) NerfHerder 3
Auto News '98 article in Popular Mechanics - old detroit iron vs new kstagger 2
General A petition to make the next generation of Monte Carlo RWD and V8 powered kstagger 9
Funny Pilot's Announcement Trooper 2
Interesting Some fast stuff Trooper 3

Links for Wednesday February 12, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Funny Sav Sings NerfHerder 0
Auto News Ferrari 460 GTA with Enzo engine Trooper 1
Funny Spiderman Will Make You Gay NerfHerder 1
Scary Definetly the weirdest website ever. Jon 4
Auto News GMs new engine design - with two cams in the block kstagger 8
General Slap that ho! Trooper 2
Funny Eod's Days of Tech Support Trooper 2
General The Log Cabin PC Trooper 1

Links for Tuesday February 11, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Cool Lots and lots of car videos Trooper 2
General Make Your Honda A Hotrod With Removable Magnetic Decals Trooper 8
Cool Virtual Voodoo Doll kstagger 0
Cool The Ultimate Garage Trooper 4
Weird Feel bad for the servers Jon 1
Funny How to Survive in Any RPG Trooper 5
Scary Pentagon has ordered 77,000 bodybags, compared with 16,000 for the Gulf War in 1991 Trooper 1
Cool Who wants to be a billionaire? Trooper 1

Links for Monday February 10, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Regular News Dude, you're getting busted for posession. Anonymous 10
Interesting History of the Windows operating system Trooper 13
Game Fun ninja game Trooper 1
Funny 25 Laws of Japanese Animation Trooper 4

Links for Sunday February 9, 2003
TopicLinkSubmitted ByComments
Game Fast Wars Jon 0

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